Friday, November 25, 2011

Ervin and Celine

Ervin and Celine, finally their bigday come (121111). Coming down with lot of excitement and joy from Ipoh to Melaka, Ervin finally made it. A big smile from his face and her lovely wife made the day shine with lot of happiness and a great sweet memory for them. Ervin had made a big vow " I love u forever, wifey " and that had touched Celine entire soul.And also many thks to Nini Wong and the crew for making the bride looked so lovey

Happy and joyous marriage to Ervin and Celine

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冰冰 said...

Hi Basten, would like to check with you your actual wedding shooting package.

Date : 6th Feb
Venue: Melaka
Time : Morning 730am

please pm me @


Anonymous said...

please forward me your actual wedding shooting package

Date 6th Feb
Venue: Melaka