Friday, May 30, 2014

VuiFung and AiChing (PreWedding)

Wonderful couple Vui Fung and Ellis Sii from Kota Kinabalu have a session with Basten Photography in our lovely city of Melaka.

It is a fun great day to have this opportunity to snap photo for both of them and also a big thank you to Tien Xin Tan ( MUA ) and Jee MengTat ( assistant photographer ) for making this session a memorable one

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regards, Ivan Basten

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Alex and Alicia

18th May 2014 marked a special day for Alex Tan and Alicia How as both of them finally have their official chinese wedding held in Melaka.

I'm happy to have serve them as official photographer of the day, whereas they gave me the full responsibilities to capture the sweet memory of the day.

Have a viewing and wished you a joyous marriage

and thks for choosing Basten Photography

thx also to MUA of the day Tien Xin Tan and also the entire HengDais and Jimuis

Thanks for viewing Ivan Tan