Thursday, March 27, 2014

ChinSin & QiHui

16th March 2014, marked the most important date for both ChinSin and QiHui as both are announced an official husband and wife

Im glad to have captured their bigday and important moments. The big day is filled with awesome environment as both groomsmen and bridesmaid are energetic and made the day a special one

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Nic and Fenny

8th March 2014 marked a special date for both of them. First it is their actual day wedding , and in the same time it is also birthday celebration for the bride.

Im glad to had help both Nic Tee and Fenny Sim to captured their moments on the wedding day

Thks also to MUA of the day : De Mariee Make Up and my assistant of the day for lighting and help , Jee MengTat

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

WeiHow & EeYinn Wedding Reception

 A simple wedding reception was planned by 2 beautiful people (Matthew Tan & Ee Yinn Lim) whom i've met few months ago. A simple wedding reception in Restaurant Lu Yeh Yen, yet everyone come to witness the special occasion and the night was even greater with the props preparation made for the group photo session.

I felt glad and blessed to have help both of them on 15.2.14

thks also to Zhang Yih, Chwa Choon Siong , Wan Yeen BEanie and Marx Lee Yong to perform the music for the night

Have a great honeymoon soon

Regards, Ivan Tan Chan Hwe