Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Joel & Loges

While many Malaysians are celebrating Malaysia 's Day on 16th September 2017 it was also the big day for Joelj Joe & Pwincez Loges Imelda Bhalan. On this special day, their big day was held with so many colors, and full of love feeling . Its was such a beautiful Indian wedding that i had once again been given a good opportunity to capture the memories 

 best regards, Ivan Tan Chan Hwe | Basten Photography

Friday, September 8, 2017

Andy & Doreen

Awesome day i had with the Poh 's family as im so delighted to capture the family photos and some prewedding for Andy Poh Chuan Yew and Doreen Chiew Ai Ling. The peranakan costume is full of colors and details which make the photos looked classy thks you for the opportunity 

best regards Ivan Tan Chan Hwe | Basten Photography

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Chris and Anne

Prewedding by Basten Photography 
Wedding gown : LouisVille Bridal House | Yahyah Wen 
MUA : Wicky Ong 

 congratulation to Chris Lthoe & Atta Laevigata D'Hormiga Culona 

best regards, Ivan Tan Chan Hwe