Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Basten People 54 : 素琪 Hip Hop

Basten People 54 featuring young Shu Qi 素琪) portrayed as Hip hopper, well...under the hot sun. Many thks to Vince Ng for inviting, it is always great to have a great photoshoot session with you.

also joined by Jee MengTat, Jordan Yeow, and Alexius Wong

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Darren and Cherry

We have a special wedding capture first time in small town, Tampin on 17th March 2013 for Darren Cheng and Ching Cherry. We felt great for this young and energetic couple, nevertheless all their friends are so great with many laughter and craziness during this actual day.

Thanks also to our MUA of the day, Kyline Leong, you had done a great job!!!
And also JaCk Chua for the recording

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