Friday, November 25, 2016

Nicholas & Kristina

It is November, and on 5th November 2016 was the wedding bell for Nicholas and Kristina.
Every love story is beautiful, but theirs is the favorite for themselves
Im glad to had captured their memory
Have a joyous marriage to both of you
Best regards, Ivan Tan Chan Hwe| Basten Photography

Friday, August 5, 2016

Daryini 1st Birthday

Daryini turned 1 today
Cutie pie baby girl had the pink theme bday party today with lots of candy , cupcakes and chocolates

Happy Bday to you , Lil Daryini

best regards Ivan Tan Basten | Basten Photography

Jasleen 1st Birthday

Jasleen is such a cutie pie, as today i were lucky to had captured Jasleen 1 year old bday celebration
Wit such a nice pink theme of Minnie Mouse, the bday party was an awesome one.
Happy bday , Jasleen

best regards, Ivan Tan | Basten Photography