Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Canon Stuff

My Canon 1000D. 500D and 5D MKII had serves me very well for all these years.
They had never failed me even in a very tough situation. These is just for sharing anyway.

My conclusion for the camera that i had used

a) Canon 1000D
- with a processor DIGIC 3, its performance is fallen behind compared to latest DIGIC 4 that included in Canon 500D, 7D, 60D, 5D MKII. However it's still useable and produced a sharp and vivid image. With a 10.1MP, this camera is able to capture your daily life and i strongly recommend this camera for a beginner. ISO at max 1600 is still useable without producing too much noise. Believe me, if printed at 4R or 8R wont give you any issue.

b) Canon 500D
- This camera is for serious amateur. Packed with a latest processor, 15.1MP, and a video capabilities, its captured all the memories in a superb ways. The images are crispy, sharp and all exposure is very accurate.
This is a camera for a serious photographer. Believe me, its will never failed you as ISO range from 100 to 3200 and expandable till 12800. However ISO at 6400 and 12800 is a little bit noisy. And in the latest line, Canon had introduced Canon 550D which had a better crispier image.

c) Canon 5D MKII
- This camera is a professional stuff regarded its quality built, whether shield, and most importanly it's a full frame camera. This camera had superb ISO control from 50 to 25600. And furthermore, with a full frame sensor, the DOF control is excellent when mounted with big aperture lenses such as Canon EF50mm F1.4 or other lenses.This camera is very suitable for whoever involved in a wedding, events and portraiture shooting. No hesistate is a word that i can say :). This is a brilliant DSLR.

Thanks for viewing Ivan Tan

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